Breaking Barriers

University of Bristol

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1 May 2019: 'Breaking the Barriers', from 5 to 8pm at the UNITE student accommodation - Orchard heights, Bristol

This event by the Educational Equality Society at the University of Bristol is planning a student-led outreach event targeted at looked after/estranged young people. Individuals who are estranged from their parents or those who have spent time in care are an under-represented group at the University and may believe that University is not for them - we want to change this!

The aim of the event is to encourage this group to consider University. We want to promote the benefits of University, whilst recognising the barriers that University presents for this group and explaining the services the University provides to overcome these.

The event will begin with a number of talks from different staff/students at the University, including information about finance, well-being, general university life and accommodation, all specifically tailored to students who are estranged/care leavers., followed by stalls where questions can be asked and more information can be found out. In addition, there will be a workshop facilitated by the UNITE foundation (who offer financial support to students from these backgrounds). This workshop will be a great opportunity for the students to have a fun and interactive discussion about the transition to university and to equip them with the necessary skills to make this transition smoother.

Refreshments (including Pizza at the end!) will be provided, and we are able to refund any travel expenses.

Relevant staff members/carers as well as any students who would benefit from this event, are encouraged to attend.