23/07/2015Buttle UK: Please make your contact details accessible

Over the past weeks Buttle UK has received a number of calls from care leavers in the process of preparing for the new term at university, as well as concerned foster carers and other supporting professionals on how to get through to the right person at university or college. They are keen to ask about support for the new academic year but they can get put off by trying to find the right person.

Websites do not always give the details or they can be hard to find. The department in which the responsible member of staff sits is not consistent across all universities or colleges. Reception often does not know who to put the caller through to. Not everybody knows about or uses the Who Cares? Trust HE Handbook. 

It would help enormously if contact details were clear and easy to find on your institution's website. It would be useful for the search engine ('care leaver' or 'looked after' for example) to link straight to details for the contact person at your institution. And for staff in strategically important roles (including main reception) to know who the responsible member of staff is in your institution.