06/04/2016Coming soon - new free online resources for Adult Care Leavers

The Open University NNCO project aims to help more people to identify key learning opportunities linked to improving their life and career prospects. As part of this, a new website and six free online courses are being developed.

The website will provide clear and simple information about the wealth of learning opportunities available out there to adult learners looking for flexible, part-time study options. This will cover both academic and vocational learning and will include signposting all the relevant resources and sources of support available. The website will aim to become a point of reference for those looking for opportunities that may lead to studying at a higher level. The emphasis will be on career progression, or even the start of a new career.


In addition to the website, the project will deliver six free online courses, targeted at the specific learner groups below and aimed at improving their study confidence:


  • Healthcare assistants and wider health sector workers (bands 1-4 primarily).
  • Teaching assistants and other low paid, unqualified staff in schools.
  • Those in unpaid or low paid roles within the adult social care sector.
  • Those who want to set up and sustain their own business.
  • Those interested in being introduced to the voluntary sector.
  • Wide section of low paid workers, e.g. those in retail, hospitality, service industries who want support in planning their career


Each course will contain approximately 15 hours of learning, including a variety of activities and multimedia material that will give learners the chance to engage with subject-specific content. Learners will be able to complete a number of short quizzes within each course and by doing so can collect online badges which can be shared with employers and displayed on social media sites e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook as recognition of achievement. At the end of the course learners will be signposted to a series of relevant links, encouraging progression through to further learning opportunities.

The six courses and the website are due to launch at the end of July 2016. When these resources are made available, the link will be presented below.