09/12/2015Coram Voice launches writing competition to celebrate young voices & 40 Years of getting young voices heard

Coram Voice advocates work every day with children in care and care leavers; they inspire and motivate us with their resilience, their maturity but most of all with their extraordinary voices. These children and young people have exceptional creative talent not in spite of but because of their experiences.

Coram Voice think kids in care have powerful, unique voices and we want the whole country to hear them. So, to mark Coram Voice’s 40th Anniversary and in tribute to our late founder, Gwen James, they are launching Voices 2016 – Coram Voice’s National Writing Competition – a celebration of the voices of children in and around the care system.

The Bright Spots programme looks to identify and promote ‘bright spots’ - the practices that make a difference to looked after children and young people’s well-being. Through Bright Spots children and young people have told us that positive relationships are essential to them – we want to hear how they matter.

Coram Voice are asking looked after children and care leavers to write about who makes them happy, or about what the important people in their life could do to make them happier. They can write about their family, social workers, foster carers, teachers, friends or even their pets. It could be a poem, a short story – anything!

We hear too many negative stories about poor outcomes and not enough about how brilliant these children and young people are. Coram Voice aim to promote a positive image of care-experienced young people and to counter negative conceptions by highlighting these young people’s achievements and positive stories instead of failings. By hearing, and more importantly listening, to their voices they hope to better understand their experience and how to make their lives better.

The competition will be launched on 8th December 2015 and more information on how young people can enter, the T&Cs & prizes will be available at


Competition Poster