18/07/2016‘It’s all about the future’ Action on Access looks beyond the Buttle UK Quality Mark

On 13th July, Action on Access launched a new guide for WP practitioners ‘The Caring University in 2016’ at their Buttle Quality Mark legacy conference. On the day care-experienced students joined with practitioners from up and down the country to reflect on the new challenges faced by institutions who continue to support care leaver progression without the recognition of the quality mark.

The Buttle UK Quality Mark for Care Leavers operated for nine years between 2006 and 2015 during which time 114 universities achieved the award. For universities, and later colleges, to be awarded the Quality Mark they had to demonstrate a minimum level of support for care leavers and a commitment to improving their provision further. The Quality Mark not only helped raise awareness of the challenges facing care leavers accessing HE and improving institutional support, it also saw a rise in access to university. Before the Quality Mark only 1% of care leavers entered HE, by 2011 this had increased to 6%, having since remained unchanged.

The conference showcased continuing work of good-practice in the sector, Sheffield Hallam University staff and students highlighted the targeted outreach and access provision developed in response to the Buttle Quality Mark was still making an impact at an institutional level. Whilst others including Kent and Medway Progression Partnership, NNECL, NAVSH (National Association for Virtual Heads), The Fostering Network and The Who Cares? Trust emphasised the importance of continued collaborative partnership working to inform future practice and strategy.

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