11/07/2018Overcoming your past – and improving the lives of others. Liam's Story.

Liam Smith spent most of his life in care, living in children’s homes, and was inspired to become a Social Worker by his own social worker. 

For any young person graduating from university is a major landmark in their lives – but for one young North East man, who spent much of his life in care, university was not only a chance to change his life, but to improve the lives of others.

Liam Smith, 22, graduated from BA Social Work at the University of Sunderland this week – but Liam, who has a CV that would be the envy of someone twice his age – has already landed a role as a social worker, what he calls his “dream job”.

But it has been far from an easy road for Liam, he openly admits that his behaviour was “awful”, and at a young age he was branded unsuitable for fostering due to this and other factors.

Read Liam's full story here.  You can see a video interview with Liam Smith here.