09/10/2019Recent NNECL developments

Recent NNECL developments - an update from the NNECL Director

This has been a time of great change for NNECL and will continue to be over the next year. Some of those changes are:

  • We are becoming an independent charity and would like to give our thanks to the University of Winchester for hosting us up until now; we have very much appreciated their support. 
  • I am sure everyone who knows NNECL would also like to thank our outgoing Chair, Colette Fletcher, who stepped down from the NNECL Board at the end of September.  She has been crucial in getting NNECL to this point in its development.  I would like to thank her personally, for her time and patience since I started in post. 
  • The new Chair of the NNECL Board is Anne Hollinshead, who is the Director of Centre for Lifelong Learning at Warwick University and a Foster Carer. We welcome Anne to NNECL from the end of September.