14/09/2017Stand Alone conference 17 November - Action on Accommodation

Finding reliable accommodation while studying at higher education is high on estranged students' list of priorities. Many students who do not have support from a family network find themselves in difficult living situations and may be at risk of homelessness.

Stand Alone's research has shown that 33% of estranged students interviewed had difficulties finding somewhere to live. 15% actually officially registered as homeless before going to university.

This conference will highlight situations of students who are estranged or who are taking steps into independence away from their families and the effects this may have on accommodation.

We will discuss challenges and solutions to helping support estranged students find appropriate accommodation throughout their course.

The conference is aimed at HE staff working in outreach, student services, accommodation as well as at private providers of student housing, housing associations, foyers and charities. We would be very grateful if you could circulate the conference information to colleagues in relevant departments and external contacts.

We are currently working on details of the programme.

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