How to add an event

Please note. Activities listed on this site are shared for information purposes, and are not necessarily endorsed by NNECL.

Please complete the online form which is available on the Activities page or can be accessed here. The details collected will be used to create your events page on the website.

Logos and photos

Unfortunately it is not possible to attach documents (logos, photos, videos, flyers) when registering event details on the online form.   NNECL will be in touch on receipt of your web form to request the institution or network logo and any photos or documents you would like attaching to the webpage.  

It is the responsibility of the institution or network registering the event to ensure any photos supplied have the appropriate permissions to be displayed on the NNECL site. If you are unable to send any images, NNECL will choose an appropriate generic image to accompany your page.

Eligibility (revised Sept 2017)

Events do not need to be solely targeted at children in care/care leavers or those supporting them, however there needs to be an aspect of the event that is relevant to these groups. Events could:

  • be an event where children in care/care leavers are included as a target cohort
  • be delivered by one HEI or a partnership of HEIs or other organisations
  • include CPD activities for those who work with children in care/care leavers
  • include events for foster carers
  • be on-demand outreach activities offered, such as individually tailored visits to a campus by young people
  • be on-line activities such as mentoring or bespoke resources specifically for children in care/care leavers

There is no cost to list an event on the website.  NNECL reserves the right to refuse listing on the website if the event does not meet the criteria above.

Event listing

  • Events are ordered by date (up-coming, archived, All)
  • Initial listing page to include, name of event, provider name, provider logo, date of event, and event type
  • Full event information page will include, name of event, provider name, date of event, address with Google map, hyperlink to HEI/network website, age range, subject (if relevant), type (if relevant) and a long description. The long description could include photos, image galleries, video, email form (multiple recipients)

Activities are searchable by the following options:

  • Geographical radius (location search or region search)
  • Individual HEI or network
  • Event type
  • Target audience
  • Date (calendar)

Website enquiries

We do not give out event organiser contact details.  Website users can get in touch with event organisers via ‘Register your interest’ online form.  This is an enquiry form and not a booking form.  The enquiry will be sent via email to the event organiser (via contact details given on the event registration form) who can then follow up on the enquiry. Enquiries will also be tracked by NNECL for evaluation and reporting purposes.

It is the responsibility of the event organiser or named contact to respond promptly to any queries.

Page management

You can request changes to your page by emailing We will endeavour to make the changes as quickly as possible.

When you register your event, you will be asked to specify a date you would like the page removed from the current activities page.   The event will be moved into an archived area. You can view the archive by clicking 'View Archive Activity' in the Activities page. If you do not want your event archived, please let us know and we will delete the page on the expiry date.

If you have any further questions please get in touch.