29/07/2020Petition for; Emergency fund for estranged & care experienced students affected by lockdown

Our friends at The Unite Foundation are sharing this petition created by one of their scholars:

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The government should immediately instate an emergency support fund for students and graduates without family support, to combat lack of available employment and to prevent homelessness. Accessing this support must be made easy and be extra financial, non-loan aid directly from the government.

Students rely on part-time employment to afford to live and study, but have lost income due to lock down. This hits harder for students without family support. In surveys conducted by 4 UK charities, it was found that only 7% of current students were confident they can pay their summer bills and only 5% of those graduating had a job to go. We are at severe financial risk that could result in homelessness. It would be irresponsible of the government not to act.

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